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Trying to get this to work but it doesn't seems like I am able to get the KNX connection up and running.
Here is what I have done.
I have a Siemens 148N/22 ip interface.
I have not configured anything just starting openremote run.
I have tomcat installed but have not configured anything there.
I have setup a controller/ re-used an old one I created ages ago and created a new basic one.
I have ETS3 up and running and sees the ip interface and can read the bus, this is however switched off when I am trying to use openremote.
Running on win7 and got the ip interface behind a bbox2 modem/router. It must be some config I am missing as I have managed to get this working on the same stuff about 2 years ago. Any suggestions any one.

David J

What exactly is the issue? You have a design with a button and try to turn a lamp on/off?
Do you see anything in the log files?

Posted by mredeker at Dec 08, 2013 20:12

Hi, I have managed to resolve this. It is the bbox2 that belgacom supplies, it blocks the auto discovery of the IP interface. Put another router behind the bbox and it works smoothly. So this can be closed, but it might help some other people in Belgium connected via a bbox.


Posted by bolki at Dec 09, 2013 07:21
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