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HI All,

I'm trying to make a slide bar for dimming a light.

I've made 2 Commands
first one (licht bureau 1 byte):
Group Address: 0/2/19
KNX Command: Dim/Scale 0-100%
DPT: 5.001

second one (licht bureau FB Value):
Group Address: 0/4/19
KNX Command: Dim/Scale Status
DPT: 5.001

1 Sensor:
Name: licht bureau Value
Command: licht bureau FB Value
Type: level (I can not change this value)

1 slider (licht bureau slider):
sensor: licht bureau Value
setValue: licht bureau 1 byte (IP_KNX_GW)

I'm running the controller on my synology and the switch buttons are running fine but when I add the slider with above config I get following error on my iPad:

Polling Failed
Controller did not recognize the sent command id

I've tried different DPT's like 5.004 and different Commands like RANGE ...

thanks in advance and keep up the good work!!

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