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Hi all

It's been a while - but I'm still here/lurking.

Current project is to forcibly get a 2014/2015 LG WebOS based TV to talk to OpenRemote. This is not 100% possible, as whilst it has an ethernet socket, when the TV is in standby, it shuts down connections, so I'm still reliant on IR (or HDMI CEC) to wake it up.

However, when it's up, it has two forms of communication - both websocket based.
One is for basic commands, the second is a secondary websocket (opened off the primary) to drive the cursor....

Anyway, I'm piggybacking off the shoulders of others, as I've found a node based module to run most of the controls, and I've put some simple "bash" wrappers around them to make them executable via "Shell executable" in OpenRemote.

However, the cursor (left/right/up/down) was very slow, as it required a two stage connection - so I've now written a small node http listener that holds a websocket open, and you can make one single HTTP request to it for a command, which is speeding things up.

If there is any interest, let me know - I'm very much still hacking this together but am willing to share!



On a related note, I've now got this working as a node daemon, however I'm having issues "keeping it alive" once the TV is switched off - i.e. it doesn't repoll the TV.

Node is asynchronous, which makes that kind of thing a right pig.

If anyone is a node developer, and wants to assist, pls shout

Posted by ptruman at Feb 25, 2016 17:34

I also want to run a system like that, but how should I start.

Posted by mikovirgoez at Mar 14, 2016 01:38

If you want to run something similar to me, you need to be running on a box that can run Node. I'm running OpenRemote on Debian Linux, so just need to "apt-get node" and that's installed

Then you can run (off the top of my head, I think it's) "npm-install lgtv" and that's the basics done - I can provide some wrapper scripts to call the examples once you get the above done

Posted by ptruman at Mar 14, 2016 10:00

For Raspberry Pi, the distro Rasbian-jessie comes with node.js and node-red pre-installed. (Not in Rasbian-jessie-lite!)

Posted by pz1 at Mar 14, 2016 11:27
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