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I'm trying to configure LazyBone WIFI switch ( in OpenRemote
I successful send on/off commands but unable to get status of the switch
Following the manual I need to send '[' command

I'm using telnet protocol to send all commands, but system send back a hex value and I don't know how to take it
I tried connect to switch by regular telnet and write output to file

this is what I received

Maybe some bode have idea how to get this value?

This is log from my OpenRemote

DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,636 (Telnet): Telnet Command: port= 2000
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,639 (Telnet): Telnet Command: command = null|[
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,642 (Telnet): Telnet Command: ipAddress =
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,646 (Telnet): Telnet Command created successfully
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,661 (Telnet): Initializing sensor for telnet protocol: Sensor (Name = 'sensor-wifi-status', ID = '104', State Mappings: {null=OFF, *=ON})
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,686 (Telnet): Sensor thread started for sensor: Sensor (Name = 'sensor-wifi-status', ID = '104', State Mappings:{null=OFF, *=ON})
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:36,689 (Telnet): Executing status command for sensor: Sensor (Name = 'sensor-wifi-status', ID = '104', State Mappings: {null=OFF, *=ON})
INFO 2014-03-08 16:36:36,736 (Telnet): send: [
INFO 2014-03-08 16:36:37,750 (Telnet): received: *HELLO*
DEBUG 2014-03-08 16:36:37,767 (Telnet): Telnet status command received value: *HELLO*

Lazybone%20command-2.jpg (image/jpeg)
Lazybonecommand-2.jpg (image/jpeg)
telnet.png (image/png)
telnet-output.png (image/png)
OR GetRelayStates.jpg (image/jpeg)
OR GRP Script.png (image/png)
OR GRP Script.png (image/png)
1_script.png (image/png)
2_script.png (image/png)
3_script.png (image/png)
4_script.png (image/png)
5_script.png (image/png)
6_script.png (image/png)
7_script.png (image/png)
8_script.png (image/png)
Untitled-1 copy.jpg (image/jpeg)
Untitled-2 copy.jpg (image/jpeg)
Untitled-3 copy.jpg (image/jpeg)

Hi Guys
Maybe someone can direct me where to look?

Posted by igorvin at Mar 13, 2014 21:21

I am using a tosr0x 2-relay module from tinyosshop to control a window shade and I am now in the process of using a LazyBone to implement a thermostat. I am running OR controller on a rPi which communicates with the relay modules through WIFI.

I faced the same problem that you describe. I have been able to control the relay states to ON/OFF through TCP/IP protocol but I have not been able to read the status of the relays. I have tryed telnet and TCP/IP protocols. I have also tryed different versions of the OR controller.

In theory when you connect to the relay module and you send the '[' command you should get an answer that is '*HELLO*' followed with a character, that in the case of a LazyBone (module with only 1 relay), should be either 0x01 or 0x02. In theory it should be possible to receive and filter this response through a custom sensor and a regex. But I didnĀ“t succeed. Without filtering the response I was able to see the relay module's prompt on OR mobile application, but only sometimes. Most of the times I would get a 'NA'

The solution that I have implemented is to use shell execution protocol instead of TCP/IP. Then I execute a Python script that sends the '[' command to the relay module and converts the 0x00 or 0x01 response into the desired format to feed a sensor.

This is the command:

This is the simple python script:

And this is the library that I am using
(I found a library to control those relays through serial and I extended it to control them through wifi)

Posted by alexroche at Mar 15, 2014 13:20

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for excelent explanation of solution
I'm realy happy that I not alone with my problem
This week I will be out of my house and unable to check your solution
But when I'll come back, I write you if I successfull to get switch status

Thank you again and Best regards,

Posted by igorvin at Mar 15, 2014 15:28


After few days of playing with the system I want to write some tips that can help to everybody who want to configure Lazybone Wi-Fi switch.
After Alex's help I successfully received status of switch with python script.

This is steps what you need to perform for configure script and successfully receive switch status
1.Download tosr0x library from site and install it following instruction on the site.
2.If you run this library on Raspberry you will receive error message about serial port because it not exists.
To solve this problem you need comment line "import serial" in file

3. Create script and place it to folder "/scripts/"

# encoding=utf-8

import tosr0x


if (rs[1]==0):

if (rs[2]==0):
print mode

4.Change script user owner

 sudo chown pi:root /scripts/

5.Run this script to test if everything is OK.
You should receive status of switch

Now we ready to create switch in OpenRemote designer
1. You need create command and switch like on screenshot

a.Create SW-WIFI-OFF

b.Create SW-WIFI-ON


d.Create new sensor - sensor-wifi-stat

e.Create new switch- WIFI-SW

If all steps was created successfully , you can start create switch on panel

Posted by igorvin at Mar 29, 2014 14:00

Hi guys I've been looking for a wifi switch and the lazybone one looks quite interesting - couple of questions for you -
what is the range like or is there a way to add an aerial to increase range?

I have a spare pi which could be used for the script but my live OR environment is Windows XP. Could I either call the script on the pi from XP or would it be easy to get the script to run under XP?


Posted by jules_bike at Mar 30, 2014 17:27

Hi Jules

I am using this switch in my house, and it working good with range 3-5 meter from the router
Not sure if you can add aerial to the switch
External antenna connector not exist

About python script- you can run python script on Windows XP, but not sure if you can install tos0rx library on Windows.

Posted by igorvin at Apr 01, 2014 22:13

this is how I made it work in OR:
fist setup lazybone as per lazybone instructions for Android device
then setup OR like this:

Posted by hesseh at Apr 20, 2014 22:33
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