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I've not been too impressed with the raspberry pi performance as OR server and was looking at Picuntu Linux Mini PC. Is there any reason this version of Linux shouldnt be able to run OR?

I am trying OR on a thin client and works good (2GB ram, Sempron 2100+), but the config is very simple (several commands, 3 screens). The difference is that this is x86 architecture while MK802III is ARM based.

Posted by druciak at Jul 16, 2014 14:50

I perservered with the RPi and discovered that I simply had too many panels/devices included. Over the last year or so I have designed panels for iPad, Tablets and Android and ended up with dozens of panels. I was able to hive them off to templates and was left with just the one version which runs just fine on the Pi.

Posted by rich.sperrin at Aug 12, 2014 20:58
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