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I am using an Ubunto installation and would like to be able to trigger a small alarm system. I would like to know hardware I can use with a linux machine and if I can program it in c++ or some language native to Linux. The hardware just needs to be simple to complete a small alert sound (not sure what device to use) and a light strobe (like a police light or emergancy light). The project is this box displays software builds for my organization but i would like to spice it up with some visuals.

Hey all,
Well after digging I found a solution, but the hardware is not compatible with my North American'ness (Canadian to be exact).
There is this library
This hardware

To run on a linux setup. The fact this guy wrote a library in php is really neat. Coupled with a cron job, I can have my alarm system go off from either a DB programming trigger or a Curl web probe trigger. Any ideas on a cheap hardware solution like above that I can attach to the linux box?


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