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Apologies, but I could find anything about this in the forums or docs.

I have a server returning a JSON string that holds the status for multiple devices.

"SamsungTv": (
"source": "Off",
"state": "Off"
"Blinds": ("state": "Up"),
"AvAmp": (
"source": "1",
"AV4": "Google TV",
"AV3": "Boxee",
"AV2": "US Tivo",
"AV1": "Sky HD",
"volume": "30",
"state": "On",
"AV5": "Apple TV",
"AV6": "YouView",
"AV7": "Blu-Ray",
"mute": "Off"
"BackgroundQueue": [],
"Lights": ("state": "On")

Is there a way to query this file once and then pass the results(Blinds, Lights, SamsungTV, etc etc) out to the various device 'sensors' or do I have to poll the page for every device every-time I want a value and then use JSONPath ($.Blinds.state in one, $.SamsungTv.state in another etc etc).

It seems overkill to request the entire file over and over to get a single value.

N.B. I KNOW the JSON doesn't look right here, but on the box it is... I had to modify it to display without macro errors! Swapped {} for ()


The HTTP command does not allow multiple sensors for one command yet.

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