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I've read the stuff on google.

My PI knows the timezone but if I look in open remote's logs they are still 1 hour back.

How do I fix this?

I added the TZ in the cron config file but OR uses drools so this might be internal? I have no idea. Help!

Thanks guys.

Hi, in my case it was a missing TZ variable.
I have added it to my OpenRemote startup script like so:
export TZ="Europe/Amsterdam"

choose whatever is appropriate for you

Posted by darkell at Oct 04, 2015 07:47


Just so I don't waste time - which file is it and is there a specific section to add it to?

Posted by jlevy at Oct 04, 2015 08:03

I do not know how you start your app.
In my case, it is /etc/init.d/

Posted by darkell at Oct 04, 2015 08:10

I modified my script and include export TZ=... just before the executeTomcat line in start and run options. Still one hour back in rules and log files...

Posted by jlevy at Oct 04, 2015 14:21

hmm, I have an external init.d type script to start/stop openremote, and this is where I meant you could add your TZ

to see if it is changing anything for you, see your supported time zones,
ls -la /usr/share/zoneinfo/

and try to start openremote like this (assuming you are in the openremote's bin directory)

TZ=Europe/Amsterdam ./ run

Posted by darkell at Oct 04, 2015 14:39

Same thing. All timezones are there and I tried several. It's still 1 hour back. Maybe there's a flag to use/ignore daylight savings time. That seems to be the issue.

Posted by jlevy at Oct 05, 2015 09:15

does `date` show the proper time?

Posted by darkell at Oct 05, 2015 19:33

Yes it does. Openremote is 1 hour back from "date". Thanks.

Posted by jlevy at Oct 06, 2015 03:28
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