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I was wondering, since iOS and Android have location capabilities, would it be possible to select a profile and a server depending of these locations ?

For example, while I'm at home, I would like the console to automatically use my local server with a full profile (a panel per device). On the opposite, when I'm outside, I would like the console to load a simplified profile (just with global heating commands and intrusion status) and use an alternate server (secured). I've seen the round robin capabilities on the server side, can it be extended with location settings ? (or would it be on the client side) ?



It's an interesting idea.

There's probably more than one way to approach it. I don't have a preference in any particular approach at the moment – you could have the client automatically pick a different panel profile based on location coordinates by choosing a different panel name, or it could choose an entirely different server/IP, or you could just send coordinates back to server and let it make a decision to serve a different panel definition back to you.

If you wanna play with the code and prototype, let me know.

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