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Hi everyone,

everytime I try to log out on my account using the designer version 2.14-PREVIEW (2012-10-07 Markab and 2013-04-20 Markab), I get an error message:

"The requested resource (/preview/modeler/j_security_logout) is not available."

Is that a known issue? Does it corrupt anything in the xml config?


Did you ever get resolution for this issue? I'm getting the same errors and I think it's causing other Login problems for me.

Posted by greg at Nov 17, 2013 01:26

Unfortunately not. I still get the same error message when logging out.

Posted by aschwith at Nov 18, 2013 07:10

I think I worked this out last night. Here is what worked for me.
After logging into Designer, I created the X10 and automation configuration for my installation. Then created a UI design with UI Designer, saved it, and logged out. I then performed a "Sync With Online Designer" on my local controller after entering my login credentials. After this was successful, I am now able to login and out cleanly to my online Designer. So it seems you need to sync your controller with something in the way of your automation configuration AND UI configuration.

Posted by gdalenius at Nov 18, 2013 14:39

The logout issue is related to Firefox:

Posted by mredeker at Nov 19, 2013 11:07
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