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Back when we started the OpenRemote community, there were a few people who were offering to help with things like graphical design.

One thing I think would be nice to see is to update the iPhone Console load screen with every major version we release. The current loading screen background is on the right, I am opening this thread to everyone to propose new designs for the 2.0 version of the iPhone console.

Feel free to add your own.

This is mine, also a green one.

Posted by dan cong at Nov 09, 2009 05:28

This is my colleague's. His name is Wills Ming.

Posted by dan cong at Nov 09, 2009 12:26

I like the flower. Now, I'm not exactly sure how it's going to bind to what we are doing branding-wise (point taken on "green") but I like the tranquility of the image.

If you happen to have a desktop background version, I'll replace my current green grass blades with it, hehe

Posted by juha at Nov 09, 2009 12:51

OK, I will ask him tomorrow and give it to you!

Posted by dan cong at Nov 09, 2009 13:00
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