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I'm new to OpenRemote and trying to get a a couple of things to work. One is control of Media Center using MCEController. I'm able to send a single command successfully but it will not recognize subsequent commands. I'm using the TCP/IP option with just the command in the "Command box (eg down).

I'm also trying to control my Yamaha RX-Z7 receiver, anyone had any luck with that one?

Hi Stefan

some time ago I experimented with MCE and was only able to send one command before it locked up. I was not sure if open remote

was sending a carriage return at the end and this was locking up the process. I was able to send all the commands using Putty with no

problems. There were some posts on the forum and I did have some communications with Juha regarding getting this to work correctly.

I also experimented with MCE Virtual remote which was based on MCE but I did not have any luck.

I would be interested with getting this to work with OR as if offers several interesting possibilities not only as a media remote but to launch  applications on a PC using OR.

Regarding controlling the RX-Z7 I have also had some discussions with Juha about writing a protocol to control this sort of amp. Hew has kindly offered to write me an example of this protocol to get me started. As soon as I have any news on this I will let you know. I have also posted several

items on my progress controlling thees amps.

If you make any progress please let me know


Posted by pjmm at Jan 04, 2011 22:25

I too have had success with MCEController before using the Pronto Pro remote so like you say there must be something with the way OpenRemote sends the commands.

So have you been able to get the Yamaha to respond to any commands at all?

I'll sure let you know if I make any progress.

Posted by stjoh at Jan 07, 2011 01:16
Hi Stefan
If you look at this post "Controling Yamaha RX V2065 over TCPIP" it lists what progress I made controling the amp.
For your info this post lists my progress with MCE " Sending Telnet or TCP IP commands"

Posted by pjmm at Jan 07, 2011 21:16

Hi Stefan

I see this New post "Generic TCP IP & Telnet Questions" and it discusses inserting CR and LF into OR commands

Would this address the problem we were having with MME

Posted by pjmm at Jan 22, 2011 11:31

Hi there.

Sorry so late to this, but i wonder if you found a solution to the MCE Controller problem.

I did find out some more information than I found in your posing - and that is after the 1st command is received by the MCEController you can see in the Status Icons that MCEController has gone from "Listening on Port 5150" to "Client Connected and Awaiting Commands", but it never reverts back to "Listening" after the 1st command completes.

This implies that OpenRemote is opening the socket, sending the 1st command, but never closing the socket again, and this is why all subsequent commands fail (because the socket is alreay open).

I have proved this to be the case - but surely after you guys were discussing this in January you have a solution or a workround?

Please let me know... many thanks

Posted by mbarne36 at Oct 10, 2011 13:29

Hi Martyn

Regarding the MCE controler I have had some sucess setting using this.

I have uploaded a template in designer which has all of the commands
you will have to change it to your IP and port

If you open designer
Go into Panel
Go New
New Screan From Template
Pick Public
Search for MCE

This should bring up MCE Controler if you load this it should bring up my design and
also load MCE as a device which will give you all the commands.

For your info I have sucesfully configured Open Remote to controll a Yamaha RX 2065
I believe it should work for other models and I will be uploading an example soon


Posted by pjmm at Oct 10, 2011 21:20

You sir, are a gentleman. Yes, it works perfectly, thanks.

The difference between what you are doing and what I was doing is you are using telnet (I did try that, but wasn't putting a "null|" before the command (why is that necessary?)...

I was using TCP/IP, but for one-way communication I don't suppose that matters.

Although my utopia is that I want to control MediaPortal, so ultimately 2-way comms would be better....

thanks for the quick reply and help Pierce....

Posted by mbarne36 at Oct 10, 2011 21:41
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