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I have the Pro version of OpenRemote, but do not manage to get the Auto Discovery to work.
I am able to get all my switches and dimmers to work by defining them manually, but sensors do not work.
Can someone explain how I should define IR sensors.
I have two HomePro ZIR010 runing on batteries.

I defined one Command for each
Name: IR_1_status
Protocol: Z-Wave
Z-wave nodeID: 24
Command: status

And one sensor for each
Name: IR_1_sensor
Command: IR_1_status
Type: Switch

My hope was that I would be able to activate lights by

rule "Entrance movement"
Event(source=="IR_1_sensor", value == "on")

Thanks in advance


Your switches and the HomePro ZIR010 should be auto discovered if you follow the Z-Wave auto-discovery How To : Autodiscover Controller Z-Wave Devices - Professional Designer. Note that you have to logout from you Designer account and re-login.

The command and sensor that is manually configured for the HomePro ZIR010 should be OK but most likely a so called Z-Wave association from the ZIR010 device to the controller is missing. The current version of the OpenRemote Z-Wave protocol does not configure these Z-Wave associations. You need a separate software in order to configure associations.

We are currently working on a new Z-Wave protocol implementation that is able to configure associations.

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