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Hey Everyone,
I'm a new member of this forum.
I'm building a house (almost finished) and I've invested in a KNX setup.
For visualization I've chosen Openremote because in my eyes it looks the most flexible tool around.
I am however still in the hardware buying fase.
After getting all my KNX kit installed (not tied in with OR,yet), I'm now looking at controlling my audio.
It seems the only receivers which can be controlled via IP with OR are the Marantz AV receivers. Even better, the Marantz is also one of the few receivers I was able to find which are able to send their digital outputs to the second zone.
This second zone is very important for me since I want to run my multiroom system of the second zone via a switcher and a 12 channel amp (the Artsound 6 zone amp is too expensive for me)

<actual question>
So my question is, can openremote control the second zone via ip? I saw the supported commands but couldn't find anything related to controlling the second zone? Any tips?
</actual question>

Thanks in advance

PS: I know Marantz control is only supported in the pro setup but I don't mind paying the extra 150.

Hello Stijn,

Will check and get back to you.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Aug 03, 2013 19:03

Zone 2 is not supported in the current version but I'll take a look to add that in the next release, shouldn't be a big deal.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 03, 2013 20:48

Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for the help.
I was also looking at the Pioneer line of A/V receivers.
I saw a thread where a guy was already doing some development

In general if I understand it correctly you use OR to send telnet commands and then capture the reply. With Regex you format the reply into a boolean.
I assume the best way to capture the commands you can send is by using the official app and capture the output the official app generates with Wireshark?

Any specific reason why Marantz was chosen for support?
Thanks in advance

Posted by garfield.arbuckle at Aug 03, 2013 21:25

Ok, just did some extra research.
It seems the Pioneer is not able to send all its digital inputs to Zone 2. While the Marantz SR6008 is or at least is claimed on several websites. I can't find a list of supported digital inputs in the manual, however it doesn't list any limitations for zone 2 either.
The Marantz can even downmix the HDMI audio and send it to two speakers (according to the manual).
Only a few amps can do this (also the Marantz brother Denon), but it seems OR only supports Marantz over IP and if Eric would be willing to implement Zone2 then that would be great .
Can I just ask when the next release is due?

Posted by garfield.arbuckle at Aug 03, 2013 22:32

Any specific reason why Marantz was chosen for support?

It happened to be available as a test device. We'd like to support the top 5 brands in AV receivers: Marantz (available), Denon (available serial, IP to be tested?), Yamaha (some in the community have done), Onkyo (high on the wants list) and Pioneer.

Currently though there's a lot of effort going into architectural work, so new device integration has taken lower priority (unless there have been specific requests). But yeah those top 5 above are all interesting and on the radar, although may not be immediate. Unless we get a nice community surprise from the dark, as we sometimes do. That can also speed things up.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Aug 03, 2013 23:54

I don't know when the next Pro release will happen, will depend a bit on what needs to go in there, activity on other projects, ...

BUT I can anyway take a look at adding this to the Marantz protocol and could potentially send you a custom controller for testing if you're interested.
I need to re-install my Marantz test device to give that a shot and I have a few things to work on before that but I should be able to take a look at this sometime next week.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 05, 2013 11:44

Ok thanks a lot Eric,
I'm very interested in a custom controller.
I should be able to get that running. I'm not a very big linux wizard unfortunately but I'm not shy of a challenge .
My expertise lies in networking. Ow and if there's anything I can do to help you just let me know.
I'll be ordering my Marantz SR6008 as soon as possible.

Posted by garfield.arbuckle at Aug 05, 2013 21:31
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