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Sorry if this has been posted before - I did try to search but couldn't find anything.

When will Markab become the default version of Designer? I need to use Serial written by Lawrie Griffiths to interact with Arduino, but it's only in Markab ('Preview') which seems to be just over a year old now.

Is there a roadmap for OpenRemote? I like the product so far, but I find some things confusing about it. I seemed to have to register twice, for example.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work - have read this back and it seems like I'm moaning where I was trying to be encouraging.


You can use Markab as your default already as long as you've upgraded to the 2.1 release branch of the controller.

The controller still has issues in the KNX implementation that is not behaving identically to the existing 2.0 releases and since Markab would require the 2.1 controller, it is still the "preview" option.

Getting controller updated is currently depending on the amount of "free" time which has been extremely limited (close to non-existent) this year. So depends on when such free time becomes available again to push controller 2.1 and with it Markab to new "default".

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Designer versions list are here:

For the controller:

Unfortunately no future dates there. My impression is that there are only minor additions in the latest version. I had expected the import export function in the upcoming Pro .13 release, but I see in the list that it won't even make it in the .14

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I suspected there may be a technical reason - I can fully sympathise with your lack of 'free' time!
Thanks for the links Pieter.

I clearly have much to learn about this product.


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