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Hi guys,

Just wondering: MeeGo looks a very promising platform with Intel and Nokia (=ARM) on-board.

Netbooks, smartphones, tablets in the making: shouldn't we participate ?

If it takes off, sure. But my feeling is they still have a long way to go to grab market share. At the moment Android is eating their cake.

Posted by juha at Jun 10, 2010 13:56

And having said that, as usual, we aren't tied to any particular client system so if there's interest in exploring MeeGo, would be happy to help with questions and host the work here.

Posted by juha at Jun 10, 2010 14:03

It's still early days for MeeGo, indeed. But in October, the whole Intel-ecosystem (Asus, Acer, MSI, etc.) will launch MeeGo 1.1-based systems. Add to this the Symbian, Meego and Windows Mobile phones we could target with Qt and it becomes a huge market !

Intel leads the Netbook UX (user experience), Nokia the Smartphone UX, OpenRemote could lead the Automation UX !

Posted by swift11 at Jun 10, 2010 17:08

That's an interesting bit of info about the ecosystem. Please keep us updated on how things evolve in Meego-land.

Posted by juha at Jun 10, 2010 17:32

Forgot to post the link to MeeGo

Posted by swift11 at Jun 10, 2010 18:05

I would like to add this: MeeGo is a distro backed by the biggest hardware players in the world: Intel and Nokia of course, but also BMW, ST-Ericsson, Cisco and Telefonica to name a few.

Joining the project now would put OpenRemote on the world map, you could influence the software stack with your expertise, and maybe even get some funding and help from these partners.

Posted by swift11 at Jun 11, 2010 03:59
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