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I've just recently started playing with OpenRemote and I have a few questions I hope someone can answer!

1. Can I use variables in the interface? Say keeping a state of something in a variable, and change it with a button, update it via a sensor etc?
2. Is it possible to copy elements in the designer and paste them in a new screen?
3. Can I create a piece of code and execute it by pressing a button?
4. According to the website it should be possible to add a web element, but I can't find it in the Designer.
5. Is the bee-hive supposed to be empty? It is for me.
6. Is there any place where I can find other peoples designs?

That's about it for now! I'm new to OR but old in home automation, would love to contribute but need a little help to start with. Love OR so far, but have plenty of ideas I would like to try out but that would need me getting into programming my own modules, so I need a bit of help with that.


1) the rule engine can be used for that
2) not yet, but in the looong todo list (you can save as template and reuse that)
3) either shellexe command to call shell scripts, rules (which allow embedded java code) or your own protocol implementation
4) preview designer already has it
5) ?? what is empty?
6) only if they shared it as a public template

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thanks for the answers, but I do have a few follow up questions:

4) If the preview designer has it, how can I access that designer?
5) the beehive = when you choose an image for e.g. a button, and you click Add Image, you have an option to get pictures from the beehive, but there are no pictures there. In several documents on the site I've seen there're pictures of different kinds there, which would be nice, then I wouldn't have to design all pictures myself.
6) Is there any plans to have a forum thread/repository where people can add their designs and codes? In other similar projects I've been involved with that has been a major part of the development of the product, people create things other people can reuse and improve.

Thanks again!


Posted by jenssam at Nov 11, 2013 14:07

5) don't know about free. the pro version has some images and templates
6) nothing yet

Posted by mredeker at Nov 11, 2013 22:29
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