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i set OR on RPi. Build simple modeler device create 2 commands with shell execution protocol. Then i use UI designer, create Panel, Group and Screen. Create 2 buttons and attach the command just created respectively. Save it, sync it and test it using webconsole and get the result desire. I create another screen at same group and use similar UI design to get the ON/OFF effect. Modify the the first screen at the button, add it a navigation to reach second screen. Save it, Sync it. Load the webconsole, but suddenly the command didn't work when i press the button. Any advice ? thanks.

regards, --roy

problem solved.
avoid use navigation on the same switch where attached command to it. thanks.

Posted by roysoala at Sep 30, 2013 03:47

Hmm in principle that should work though, I think. Having a button that both executes a command and navigates. Would be curious if the behavior you saw is specific to web console or if it appears with Android or iOS console too.

Posted by juha at Oct 02, 2013 10:33

i try this on the web console, and confirm, the command didn't work when i added navigation on it.

Posted by roysoala at Oct 03, 2013 04:54
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