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I have tryed to use Openremote for a while, First just to control my media center, but then I got the Micasaverde VereLite Z Wave box. I have now integrated it all, so I can control everything.

I also have I arduino controlling my curtains I also works true Openremote.

Here I my setup.:
I have installed Openremote on my Qnap ts-412 Nas, and are using a Ipad, IPhone 5, and a Android Phone as well.
I have created I Panel for each device, each made from a background image, white buttons and all, and then in the designer I made some transparent buttons to assign the commands to. In the Lights(lys) page I made it all whit switches and a custom image for lights on and off. You can see them below:
From the Iphone:

From the Ipad:

The Design of the remotes could be nicer, but it will come.

For control of MCE and XBMC I send UDP commands to my pc, and into Eventghost
And for Micasaverde I use the guide from: OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Micasaverde Vera
For the curtains I send UDP to Eventghost on the pc, and from there I use a Serial connection.

Comments and new Ideas are welcome


Looks great, very professional.
Well done.

Posted by nwe at Aug 21, 2013 14:03

Nice work indeed, and thanks for sharing it Jens.

For QNAP, there's an OpenRemote QPKG beta available here:

I think they're looking for feedback, so that might be something of interest to you?

Posted by juha at Aug 21, 2013 15:19
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