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Unfortunately there is not yet a dial widget in OpenRemote. I found a good work-around with a local AJAX based html file that is stored in webapps/private, and hence is served via Tomcat.
The screendumps at the right show how my dials are rendered in Webview on my PC, and on my Android 4 tablet. The latter shows a white background around the dials (I did a bit photoshopping for the android view because I have no screen capture there)
It would be nice if that could be fixed on the Android. From an earlier discussions with Richard I understood he could only think of a fix that would break compatibility with Android 2.3. Is there an other way to achieve this in Android?

DialBackground.png (image/png)

Hi Pieter,

It's a while since I looked at this but from what I remember I made some tweaks to the current implementation that fixed the web view background on my Sumvision tablet running Android 4.1 but to truly fix it as you pointed out I need to up the min SDK version.


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