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Has somebody configured sensors for a Netatmo Weather Station?

I alrady have a Netatmo Wifi Weather Station that provides inside and outside temperature and humidity data, among other data. The station uploads de current values to the cloud every 5 minutes, and provides an API to access all these values through http.

I want to define some senors that provide the current temperatures from Neatmo Weather Station, to control a heater and to automate some blinds by taking into account temperatures inside and outide.

So far I have been able to read temperature and humidity through a sensor using http proocol, but it has been by using an access token, that I have got manually and that only lasts for 3 hours.

By the way, I was unable to filter the response through Json, and I ended up doing it through a regular expression, although it took to me a lot of time to figure out how openremote applies regular expressions...

Now I need to fully automate it. I need to get the token automatically, and then to maintain it active by refreshing it automatically before the 3h period expires. Although I have very limited knowledge, I can try to come up with a solution, but first I wanted to check if somebody has already done it.


Did you finally succeed to make it work? I am about to try to do the same, so I would be glad to take benefit of what you've done.

Thanks for your help.

Posted by emtee at Feb 25, 2014 10:52


I found a library in Python to easily access any data from the Netatmo Weather Station. You can find it here:

I have written another python script that uses this library to get the data that I am interested in (interior and exterior temperature)

Then I have defined a command that uses shell execution protocol to call the above script and feed the result into a sensor (every 15 minutes).

At this point I am just displaying the string returned by the python script, through the sensor, in the OR mobile App.

Eventually I want to get the two values returned by a single command into different sensors, to use this information in a rule. I have read some post that explains how to do it, but so far I have not been able to make it work.

Hope it helps,

Posted by alexroche at Feb 25, 2014 14:07
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