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Hi all,

I have a faulty Bus coupler that has the wrong manufacturer ID. Says, product is company A , but when i try to get the device info, it says the manufacturer is company B. So basically the bus coupler is useless.

But now i would like to fix it. From the knowledge base in OpenRemote, i have come to know that how to send a cEMI code to via a tunnelling_request. So my question now is, is it possible to change the value of the manufacturer ID in that bus coupler?

In my opinion i thought that it can be change, since the manufacturer ID of the device is represent by a value says (from the ETS4 software , reading the device info):

Busch : 7 ( manufacturer ID for KNX)
ABB: 2 (manufacturer ID for KNX)

My device is a Busch device but it always read 2 . So how can i change the value 2 to 7 so that it works again.

I appreciate much if anyone could point me to the correct direction.

So far, i was able to turn on the light bulb using tunneling_request via KNXIP-router in Visual Basic code format.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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