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I love the openremote program, I ran into it while researching for a new house that is in the designing stage. I am looking at different systems for automation. I want to mount a couple ipad mini's in the wall for total control, and wired keypads for lighting.

Items I'm looking to control

Lighting - prefer hardwired
HVAC + zoning
Whole house audio -Russound

I am looking at 1 wire for temperature sensors

My thought was to run all exterior lights and main area(kitchen,dining,great room) to a centralized relay panel, and using multifunction keypads in order to eliminate a bunch of switches everywhere.

I will also be running ceiling mounted occupancy sensors throughout the house to both control lighting and HVAC.

Can you give me some ideas on good systems to use with openremote?

My thought was to use raspberry pi to control some of the components with I/O board. I had also looked at HAI Omni for security and lighting but wondering if there is a cheaper/updated system?


As this seems to be a complex installation, consider contacting one of the certified integrators in your area for advice.

Posted by pz1 at Oct 18, 2013 18:38

Ok I'll explain it better, basically I'm up to speed on the big name systems, hai/leviton, lutron, insteon, control 4, centralite etc. I didn't phrase it very well and kept it broad.

My thought is to replace one of those main system boards with a raspberry pi or pc, with some relay panels, I/o boards and other expansion boards. Looking for ideas/thoughts on components to use.

Posted by drewscm at Oct 18, 2013 19:39

I am a KNX fan and use KNX technology for everything you mentioned and combine with not KNX devices using OpenRemote.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 20, 2013 19:25

What brand KNX devices do you use? I live in the US and it has been hard to locate KNX devices.

Posted by drewscm at Oct 21, 2013 01:18

I mainly use MDT devices, but also have Siemens.
But I am living in Germany.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 21, 2013 08:31
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