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Would it be possible to add the New Ipad screen resolution (2048x1536) to the possiblities of OpenRemote ?

Thanks for your great work.

You can already create a panel of any size you want using the "New -> Custom Panel" option from the menu,

BUT it'll not work for Retina iOS devices.

A retina iPad still has a 1024x768 POINTS resolution and that's what is required to do the design in OR.
It however has a 2048x1576 PIXELS resolution and can take advantage of that to present a much sharper UI.
For instance, all labels in OR already take advantage of the retina display because it's text displayed using the iOS standard mechanisms.

What we need, is a way to handle retina devices in OR and be able to specify @2x images (instead or in addition to @1x, depending on the compatibility you need) to be used for graphics but still using a 1024x768 surface for specifying element positions.

I'm not an Android guy, but I suppose some way to address the different DPI possibilities would also be required / nice.

For the iOS side, this is on my TODO list but at this stage with quite a low priority, sorry. But if somebody is willing to give a shot at implementing that, I'm happy to discuss the architecture / technical details / provide support ...

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