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I've just upgraded the regular modem/router from my BB provider to a Nighthawk D7000. Yea sounds awesome I know its another modem/router from Netgear and seems to be performing well and dealing with the wifi problems we've been having in corners of the house.

I encountered bit of an issue with the hardcoded IP addresses in controller.xml. Basically they were all set to which is where my iTach IR sender used to live. Now its at a new address at So now all my commands are wrong - all 85 of them - thats a guess but there are lots! So for the time being I have done a find and replace in controller.xml but this is a short-term fix. I am always tinkering with the layout and no doubt will have to upload another build version from OpenRemote Designer sometime soon. When I do so all the IPs will be wrong again.

Since writing this also applies to networked speakers.

So what are my options?

1) Modify every instance in the Designer
2) Batch up the find and replace with every refresh
3) Spoof the IP somehow.
4) Re-asign the IP in Netgear interface - hasnt let me so far.
5) Use names instead of IPs?

Any other suggestions?


4) would be the easiest and fastest way. Just assign the same LAN settings as they were in the old situation.
I personally always use 5) with /etc/hosts editing when necessary.

Posted by aktur at Aug 27, 2015 08:34

There is a solution.

If you're happy using a find and replace tool in something like Notepad++

If you download the zip version of your current controller config from Designer.

Open the Zip file and locate the Controller.XML file

Edit the file carefully.

Put it back in the zip file.

Then upload it back to the designer.

From then on, everything should be back in sync.

Just keep a backup before and after

Posted by mdar at Sep 02, 2015 17:57

Thanks guys - zipping and uploading sounds useful.

My biggest challenge is keeping the IP's static. The occasional router reboot while getting stuff set up creates new IPs each time. The D7000 does most things well but the 'Static Routes' options is testing me . It requires:-

Destination IP Address - i can do that
IP Subnet Mask - no idea
Gateway IP Address - no idea
Metric - no idea!

Probably the wrong forum but not getting too far with googling so far

Hah - just found Address Reservation Table - more like it!

Posted by rich.sperrin at Sep 08, 2015 19:44

Destination IP Address - i can do that
IP Subnet Mask - no idea
Gateway IP Address - no idea
Metric - no idea!

Probably the wrong forum but not getting too far with googling so far

Hah - just found Address Reservation Table - more like it!


Possibly the wrong forum, but I can help you a little.

Assuming the address reservation table hasn't solved your problem, which it probably will.

Destination IP Address - IP address of the device you want to set?
IP Subnet Mask - this is phrased just like an IP address, but it masks the allowed IP addresses. The most simple entry would be which allows everything.

Gateway IP Address - This is the IP of your router, or other device that handles network traffic requests and routing

Metric - no idea either, but this wiki seems quite detailed -

Does that help at all?

Posted by mdar at Sep 08, 2015 20:53

Okay - that makes sense.

I've made the IPs static but not the same ones as designer

I've downloaded the zip and updated it. Problem is where do I upload the zip to designer? Not sure that feature exists?!?

Posted by rich.sperrin at Sep 10, 2015 21:04

So far so good with address reservation


Posted by rich.sperrin at Sep 10, 2015 21:05


That's the easy bit.

The upload button is right next to where you find the download button.

They are all next to the modeller and designer buttons.

Here is a document that explains it better

Good luck


Posted by mdar at Sep 10, 2015 22:22

Ah-ha - suspected that would be the case - its the Professional Designer version 1.1.0 version - assuming thats not a free version?

$150 - good luck with that!

Posted by rich.sperrin at Sep 14, 2015 20:58

$150 for a one off payment is nothing.

A sub standard alternative wants €300 initially, then after 2 years, €120 per year for any upgrades, and doesn't offer anything like the capabilities of OpenRemote.

The million dollar question must be....

How much would you be prepared to pay to help the project progress?

Posted by mdar at Sep 14, 2015 22:48

Fair comment - if you use it for business but not as a hobby.

It is a pretty good piece of kit - I would pay up to £30 (depending on what else it offers of course) but there is also room for improvement though. Losing items off the side of the screen is pretty annoying and just needs a dropdown box to choose object so you can modify the properties. I suppose this can be accomplished with the upload though.

As far as price is concerned its the good old curve - as price goes up the demand goes down. I don't how many are sold at $150 but a little push wouldnt hurt - I bet not many know about the professional version.


Posted by rich.sperrin at Sep 15, 2015 18:09

Well, the import functionality in $150 pro version is useful if you do buisnes indeed. For hobby you can always update your design manually. The only thing you loose is time, and "time is money"

Posted by aktur at Sep 15, 2015 19:43


I'v tested the sed command (below) and it successfully does a find a replace - happy with that bit.

Now I need to run it each time I update controller.xml. Where would be the best place to do that?

Is there an opportunity to call a script with this in, or just run the command, when I upload a new version of the controller?

sed -i 's/' controller.xml


Posted by rich.sperrin at Nov 11, 2015 21:02
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