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irst of all I would like to introduce myself. I'm Rui Costa from Portugal and I'm interested in use Openremote in my house and another houses. I would like to help too to improve it.

I would like to know if it's possible to create new widgets? And how to do it?

For example, I think will be very usefull to have a level meter like presented in pictures bellow. I have an water tank and I will use a level sensor. Would be great to have an widget for that.

Also some gauge widgets can be interesting.

Another thing. It's possible to have some means of records from sensors? And to see the past history in a graph? For example: electricity consumptions, temperature and humidity evolution, etc.

Hi Rui,

welcome to OpenRemote. This forum thread ( describes some new ideas of UI elements that will come. I think your level pictures will be possible with the image element which depends on sensor values. A dynamic widget (eg flash objects) are not yet planned.

In general you can of course add widgets if you are familiar with Java and want to contribute to OpenRemote. There are quite some changes involved todo this and you should look through the developer documentation and familiarize yourself with the architecture of OpenRemote.

The upcoming 2.0 release will introduce an EventProcessorChain where each sensor update is processed by different EventProcessors. One of those EventProcessors could be a rrd database to save sensor values. We were already looking into this and also graph generation. This will definetly something that will come but take a little while. If you want to contribute, go ahead.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 31, 2011 08:31

Thank you Marcus.

I don't understand Java program language. Just C and C++. But I will try to learn it.

I will read everything carefully.

Posted by aerodolphin at Oct 31, 2011 12:47

Hello Rui,

As Marcus said, please take a look at the thread he referred to, as this is work currently in progress and we're keen on knowing what people do require.

You can already create level widgets like you describe with the current version of OpenRemote, using a Slider.
You can define a slider passive (meaning no user action will be possible but the slider will reflect the value of a sensor), then using the min/max track image and the thumb image you should be able to change the look of the slider to fit your need.

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 31, 2011 13:12

Hello team,

Thanks to everybody for the big effort and support with openremote platform. I read a few months ago information about this product and bought a razbian sock and a Fibaro socket. I have installed all the software and hardware and all worked fine. I have created a panel with the designer but I would like to crate a passive slider to get the power consumption the socket gives.
I tried the web command to read this value and it worked fine. I see the power (in watts) the devices use. I have spent a lot of time triying to create a panel with a passive slider that report the information about power but since now I don't know how to do it.
If someone could help me I will be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Abraham Martin (Spain)

Posted by abrmartin at Aug 26, 2013 12:46

You should have a level or range sensor with the value you want to use for the passive slider.
First step would be to get that and maybe display that displayed in a label to make sure it get the correct value.

Then create a slider object (not in UI but in building modeler) with that sensor and no command.
Create a UI slider and link it to above created slider object.

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 02, 2013 12:32

Thanks a lot Eric, it work fine.
I'm working now on improving the panels I have created. Do you know where I can find an icons or images library to use in the design of panels?

Thank in advance

Abraham Martin

Posted by abrmartin at Sep 13, 2013 17:51
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