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After several release candidates and extensive testing v2.0.0 of RaZberry (Z-Way) has been released.
Within the context of OpenRemote we have introduced a second channel for control. The inefficient mechanism of polling for sensor updates has been replaced by a mechanism that pushes status changes from the RaZberry to OpenRemote's UDPListener. In my own installation with some 30 devices this has resulted in a CPU load reduction of more than 50% on the z-way-server.
A large range of devices including the new Zwave+ generation are well supported now.
There is a new 5gen RaZberry plugin board available. If you order make sure to get that version. The 5gen USB stick for Windows will appear soon. Both will have user upgradeable firmware.
The configuration for the OpenRemote conections is described here and on pages linked from there.

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