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After each synchronization I have this error occurs and I did not have with the old version

ERROR 2015-02-02 05:22:32,424 : Unable to store user credentials. Background API requests will not be able to authenticate: Error initialising store of key store: Illegal key size$KeyManagerException: Error initialising store of key store: Illegal key size

I use Raspbian with java 1.8 by default

Thank you

Hi Pierre,
I seem to have the same error. Have you come across a solution?

Posted by myandmyopenremote at May 05, 2015 20:53


No I have not found a solution but it seems that it does not disturb the operation of OpenRemote (I'm not sure) !!

I no longer use this version I passed on the former that handles mail and I replaced the webconsole by version 2.1.3

Posted by pierre2302 at May 05, 2015 20:58
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