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I'm completely new to OpenRemote. I've fumbled my way around what documentation I can find but I'm struggling to get started and have decided to ask for help.

I have an existing Insteon network and isy99 controller, so I decided that a good point to start would be a simple on/off switch for one of my Insteon lights via the isy99 controller.

I've installed the controller on a linux box and it's responding to web requests. I've created on online designer account, added an iphone device and added a switch. This syncs fine with my controller.

The problem is my lack of understanding of how to add the isy99 device and the related commands.

I found the isy99 integration tutorial at but it has not helped me. It refers to a file called in webapps/controller/WEB-INF/. This file does not exist, although there is a located in webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/. I do not know if the documentation refers to an incorrect path, the file needs to be created manually, or it has not yet synced. I'm also confused about whether the isy99 device should be added using the on-line designer or if I should be editing xml files locally on the controller. Please forgive my ignorance.

I am hoping that someone will be kind enough to give me a few simple pointers as to the procedures involved to integrate the isy99 and get my test project up and running.

Thanks in advance


I can't say anything to ISY99 but in regards to the config file the documentation refers to a wrong path.
The file is indeed located at webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/.

Posted by mredeker at Nov 11, 2013 08:32

Hi Marcus

Thanks for clarifying that. I presume that I manually edit that file with the IP and login credentials for my ISY, or is the something that I configure via the free designer?

It seems to me that the ISY99 HowTo needs some clarification as I suspect that it has evolved as new functionality for the ISY99 has been introduced.

The current HowTo shows some example xml but also implies that edits should now be done through the designer. I've referenced the http://<ISY IP Address>/rest/status file and am not sure how this relates to the xml example. The xml looks as if x10 protocols ahould be used and I'm not sure if the address should refer to a device name or its address in the usual xx.xx.xx format.

Can you put me in touch with the person that write the current how to? I would be happy to revise it from a new users perspective once I have it working.

On another note, I wanted to try to stream an IP security camera but can't find the web widget in the free designer which the documentation says should be there. Is this something that has since been removed form the free designer?



Posted by srcurtis at Nov 11, 2013 13:09

The web widget is in the preview designer:

Posted by mredeker at Nov 11, 2013 22:28

How about the ISY994i series? And do I NEED to purchase the network module for my ISY994i to interface with OpenRemote? I think that needs to be clarified as well. I definitely vote a rewrite on ISY integration with OpenRemote.

Posted by friedpenguin at Dec 23, 2013 06:20

I believe the Network Module for ISY-994i is so you access network resources from ISY-994i. That would be if the ISY was the standalone controller for your home automation.
The RESTful API seems to be fully functional when accessing the ISY from OpenRemote when OR is the master controller.
I too vote for a re-write of the ISY integration with OR. I sent a support request to Universal-Devices. Maybe Juha and the folks at Univ-Dev can work it up again. Thanks!

Posted by cwoodhouse at May 25, 2015 19:28

Boy, would that be nice...

Posted by gregoryx at Jul 04, 2015 00:40

Definitely would be nice to get sensors working correctly with the ISY99!

Posted by efren at Jul 06, 2015 03:45

Has there been any advance in ISY development or youtube videos on how to build out basics for the ISY? If this happens, I will be able to start down this path.

Really would like to get this working first for the ISY and then I'll move on to adding my IP Cameras and then my receivers (Integra and Marantz).

thanks in advance for anyone that can point me in the right direction.


Posted by eddierock at Feb 02, 2016 03:02
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