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I have just started to explore the world of Openremote and are pretty inmpressed.
My hardware config is controller running on windows and KNX IP gateway towards my home KNX system.

In the future I would like to make rules to handle all my heating intelligence in the OR controller.

To start with I am trying to make one simple thermostat who can turn my floor heating on and off based on a temperature setpoint.
Can someone please help me with an example of a simple termostat rule? Input is FloorSensor, output is heating cables ON/OFF.

BR, Ronny

I have trouble reading value from KNX floor sensor. Label in panel shows only N/A. The same when I try http://localhost:8080/controller/rest/status/7781839.
Is my setup correct? When I try to read dimming value from dimmers everything is ok. Seems like the problem is only with DPT 9.001..

Posted by colabrus at Feb 07, 2016 18:49

Here's one I use for light greater than a certain value to turn off the outside lights (similar to turning off heat when value from floor sensor exceeds desired setpoint)"

package org.openremote.controller.model.event

global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.CommandFacade execute;
global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.SwitchFacade switches;

import org.openremote.controller.protocol.Event;

rule "daylight instant on with light >20"
CustomState ( source == "VM_ZW4in1_light", val : value, eval(Float.valueOf((String)val) >20))
execute.command("daylight_instant_on"); //starts light off rule if held for 400s
execute.command("Darkness_instant_off"); //toggles light state

Posted by niedejb at Feb 09, 2016 01:56

This turned out to be a ETS problem. Works fine now.

Posted by colabrus at Feb 21, 2016 08:13

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I don't get your rule to work (or any other rule either). Have you tested this with KNX?

A few questions about rules:

  • I read somewhere in OR web page that reboot was nescesarry after each syncronization. How do I reboot my controller? Do I need to reboot the computer running controller or is it sufficiant to close the CMD window and restart the controller?
  • How can I make logical "AND" instruction? For instance: when button1 is off AND button2 is on - then....
  • I see in a lot of examples that System.out.printIn is used? Where is this printed? I tested this, but could'nt find anything printed in my controller cmd window..
  • Some examples have "$evt" in fron of Event ($evt:Event( source =...) What does this do?
Posted by colabrus at Feb 21, 2016 20:08
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