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I am trying to install OR per first edition of Othmar Kyas's book.

Update: 7/19/14 Using Win 7, I finally set up JAVA_HOME.
However, when running shProject/ORC/bin/openremote.bat, I get a quick, unreadable flash of the cmd window. Something about Catalina... I looked at the .bat file, but I do not understand it.

If I then try http://localhost:8080/controller in any of three browsers, all I get is page not found.

Any and all help appreciated!

open remote.JPG (image/jpeg)

Try to run openremote.bat from the command window (Run cmd.exe). This way it won't disappear and you will be able to read the whole feedback.

Posted by aktur at Jul 20, 2014 13:15

And there are of course the log files in the ./logs directory. Start looking in the boot.log file.

Posted by pz1 at Jul 20, 2014 15:14
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