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Hello all,
I am pretty new to openremote and I am very excited about implementing it here into our courthouse. My problem I am having is setting the right size for a nexus 7 tablet. I have searched and haven't found anything that helps me so I figured I would ask. Thank you in advanced.

Did you try just custom panel with only height and width filled in? That's what I did with a noname 7 inch android.

Posted by pz1 at Jun 09, 2013 15:15

Yes this is what I finally figured out. I was putting the resolution in as 800x1280 which was causing it to be huge on the nexus. I tinkered with the default android settings a few times with dummy buttons until I found the settings that fit into the nexus. Now I can finally start designing some buttons. I am really enjoying this project.

Posted by kchiefs at Jun 09, 2013 22:29

Maybe if you send the dimensions here we could add a default option for Nexus 7 so the next user can get it from a dropdown list and doesn't need to find the custom settings themselves?

Posted by juha at Jun 15, 2013 18:33

For some reason my answer to this didn't post a week ago. If you upgrade to the newest android app apk and not the one in the play store, you can use 800x1280. I also have recorded three devices with the itach ir capture and would like to know if i can post those codes somewhere. I have a recordex document camera, a samsung bd-e5400 dvd player, and a kinivo hs420 hdmi matrix switch. It would be nice to get an image of the nexus in the templates

Posted by kchiefs at Jun 15, 2013 23:13

For the ITach recordings I will need to ask Eric if he has a way to add those to the database.

In the meanwhile, would a simple wiki page do to store the strings where others can copy/paste?

For nexus image, does anyone have one to share?

Posted by juha at Jun 19, 2013 12:04

Hi Raymond, would you mind posting the ir codes for the Kinivo HS420 hdmi matrix switch? I have been scouring the internet for it to no avail.

Posted by twoheadedturtle at Aug 14, 2014 03:15
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