This page last changed on Feb 24, 2014 by z3eed.

It was working before.
Then I tried to create a Rule, but I did not get it to work.
So I removed the rules content.
After that I dont get any updates in Opencontrol.

If I run the command with browser I can both set on/off/dimvalue and get the return value if I ask for it.
But my Openremote App dont show the return value.
All my switches and dimmers are off that results in that I can turn on switches but not turn off.
I can dim up and down, but dont get the return value so it always start at dim value 0 no matter what the actual dimmer is at.

If I run macro I can send off command and that will work aswell but dont get any updates at all in the app.

Tried to reinstall Openremote but no result.

(the z-server gui works like before aswell)

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