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Good Morning to all,

My home is equipped with KNX. I'm currently using my home computer to run the OPENREMOTE server to send command to the KNX system

I would like to install ENOCEAN Temperature sensor in some rooms. The house is big so I will need 2-3 gateway to gather information.
In order to reduce the cost, I was looking to use 2-3 Raspberry PI equipped with the ENOCEAN PI shipset.

Does anyone knows how to proceed to retrieved the data from the ENOCEAN Sensor into the OPENREMOTECONTROLLER via the Raspberry PI and the ENOCEAN PI shipset

Thanks a lot

In place of additional gateways you can also consider to use EnOcean repeaters. Of course, without knowing your configuration my advice can be totally wrong

Posted by aktur at Nov 21, 2013 13:00

thanks for advice, i will have a look

Posted by thescal at Nov 21, 2013 13:13
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