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Hello to all,

Looking around the how to pages i came about the VERA protocol and as it says there openremote can interface with OWL C160 energy meters. At the moment i am using openremote extensivly with my KNX home automation and it hapens to have an OWL C160 meter unit. Can anyone help me how to start using openremote with owl c160 ??? Has anyone tryed it??

Any help would be apriciated!!

Kind Regards,

Stavros Charalambous

Which device exactly do you mean? Do you have a link for me?

Posted by mredeker at Sep 03, 2013 09:23

Hi Marcus,

The device is an energy meter and the link to this is here:

i have seen from the vera - how to that it is possible to interface it to openremote :

If i understand correctly the owl C160 must connect first to the Micasaverde's Vera home automation standalone box and then interface the stand alone box to openremote??

Please correct me if i am wrong


Posted by stavroschar at Sep 06, 2013 20:27

Yes, you are right. It will have to be connected to Vera.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 06, 2013 20:46
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