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Hi everyone

i am a big fan for the OR KNX solution in iphone. The concept is very interesting.

But, the application runs very unstable.

If i add 2-3 groups, create a folder, add the groups to the folder and try to control, the application will crash. somtimes, i can control some groups. i can not reproduce the crash. the application crash in some different cases. after every crash, i loose the whole configuration, i dont have any folders, groups and devices. only the active building will be there.

I use an iphone 3G with OS 3.0, german, OR KNX is version 1.2. i connect my eib over an linux-box with eibd. (Works fine)

any ideas?

how i can save the configuration? i have my iphone jailbreaked, so i can get some files.



Hello Thomas.

I have the same problems with my iPod Touch. Although the app will experience occational, random crashes, my experience is that the main problem is in the folder implementation. Try to create only one folder, and see if that works. Regarding the fact that you loose everything once the app crashes: The app does not save when it says so. What you need to do is make your changes in the database, then go to the monitor tab, disconnect the app, then connect again. Everything should be saved then.

Hope this will help in the short term, but I desperately hope for an upgrade from Jörg.


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