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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask but i will try...

I've been using an app called OR KNX (paid licence = bought on AppStore) on my iPhone (iOS6) for the last 4 years.

I recently upgraded my iPhone device to iOS 7.1.2 and successfully restore all my apps from iCloud except OR KNX.

It's now gone and I can't find in AppStore to download or to my Restore purchase.

Does anyone know what happened to the application and why it's not available anymore?

I'm not a specialist in KNX but just want an application from where I can control all the lights as I did before by connecting to my KNX IP Gateway.

I don't want to redo all my previous work (I have backup of OR KNX DB on Dropbox).

Can anyone tell me where to find OR KNX app again so I can restore from Dropbox?

What other options do I have?

Thanks in advance!



Unfortunately, the developer of OR KNX died in a car accident and nobody maintains the code at the moment.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 10, 2014 09:15
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