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Hi all,

once I have "everthing" on the OR server ... how can I make use of commands via a shell (or similar) and execute them WITHOUT an UI of a remote controll.

So I can use OR - react on any trigger running on the server - and send / controll all by OR.
Could not find a hint in docs.

... Sorry this is hard to explain in english ...


You have to setup a GUI first, it can just be a button placed randomly on a page.

Then to perform the button again in a shell script you can use curl

curl http://localhost:8080/controller/rest/control/36/click, this would press button 36

But how do I know I want to press button 36 you ask. Well you look in the Panels XML file, that can be a bit overwhelming so an easier way to do it is to poll the rest server.

In the UI designer, I created a device called WIP

So I poll that device by doing curl localhost:8080/controller/rest/panel/WIP

I have given all my buttons descriptive names so when I scroll through the XML I know what I'm looking for.

       <buttonid="36"name="Power Off Example Device"hasControlCommand="true"/>

By using that button id I can now control the functions of that button without a UI, the more you delve into it the more complicated it gets

For more info look here

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For executing commands without UI you can create HTTP command with e.g. JSON contents and create sensor from it. Then you can use rules to call any other command based on this sensor. Similar process is described in the book.

Another option is to use UDP listener to receive messages and execute commands. This approach is described on the forum and How to...

Posted by aktur at Jun 07, 2015 11:02

Thank you !!

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