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My Open Remote configuration is quite heavy and consists of several pages with many many sensors and switches.
I constantly improve it and add new pages and last time it starts to saturate my KNX bus.
Which means some KNX telegrams are not reaching the destination (lost), which is quite bad!
When i check the BUS traffic in ETS4 group monitoring I see that most of telegrams are coming from the Open Remote controller which constantly reads the status of sensors.
Is there way to control somehow the frequency of reading in the controller? Or may be there are some other solutions?

The controller runs on Synology NAS based on Atom CPU.

Please check that you don't have problem with some group addresses. I had similar issue which was due OR had one wrong group address and one address didn't had read flag set on ETS. I have noticed that it is easy to end up with wrong flags in ETS. Usually they don't generate problems between knx-devices but OR needs that flags are correctly set.

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