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I use safari on a mac, but problems seems to be generated by the code, not browser.

1) Templates are saved, but doesen't appear in the template section, so I cannot delete or rename them.
When I create a screen from template, I find all the templates I created previously.
Speaking about private templates...

2) Sometimes some objects disappear from my iPhone panel. Rebuild from zero a Tabbar can take long time, with all items and properties.


1) Bug fixing. Sorry I'm not an expert and can't figure out.

2a) Currently tabbar are not saving in a template. Should be, so I can recreate a screen with the tabbar and propagate it to the group

2b) Copy and paste for items between screens can be developed. If something disappears, like a tabbar, I can copy it from another screen, or if there's a button that I want to copy in a different position to another screen.

2C) IMPORTANT: creating an import procedure would be great. No we can export a user configuration for offline installation. With an import procedure, we can use the export function for backup too. I can create some backups while I work (yes, I know there's an auto save function, but is not the same), and restore it when I suppose is the time to restart from a milestone I created.
In this way I can use an interface for another installation importing it from a backup, or create an iPad interface starting from an iPhone interface with all my items inside. So I need only to move items in a different space and resize screens...

Thank you for the attention!

Thanks for sending the feedback.

Agreed on the import function. Will look at how it can be managed after some other modifications have gone in first.

Thanks for pointing out the issue on saving tab bars into a template. Copy & Paste has also been suggested before.

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