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I installed OpenRemote on a Raspberry Pi connected to an Envisalink 3 (EV3) with DCS PC1616. The Envisalink 3 displays properly from a browser. And an Android app can access the DSC/EV3.

My problem is when I run on Raspberry Pi and then open http://myhost:8080/controller/ in a browser, the correct OpenRemote webpage appears:

I have a Designer account and I am logged in.

However, when I try to synch with Designer account from http://myhost:8080/controller/, I get:

  • Authentication failed, please check your username and password.

I tried with username & password, and email & password all in correct case with same result.

I do have the Raspberry Pi set up to use two way OpenSSL certs. So, only authorized devices can access the pi. From an authorized mobile device, I tried both http and https://myhost:8080/controller/ and wasn't able to connect, which makes me think it may be a firewall issue.

1. Any idea why I can't login?
2. The gateway blocks just about all inbound access. And all http requests are redirected to https. Do I need to open one or more holes in the firewall for EV3 or OpenRemote to work?I need to open 8080 - anything else?
3. Can I just use designer offline and load the zip file?

Other items of note:
This file had no entry password for DSC. So, I added one, but it made no difference:

  • OpenRemote/webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/
    I haven't created anything in Designer yet

OpenRemote.png (image/png)

3. Can I just use designer offline and load the zip file?

Yes, less convenient but works just fine.

I haven't created anything in Designer yet

That might be the cause of the error you're seeing. IIRC the error message is wrong and it reports an authentication issue when the configuration is in fact "emtpy".

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