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I'd like to test Open Remote Boss with some X10, KNX and Xbee (from arduino) devices.

I've seen that Open Remote now proposes an Orb at around 350$, I'd like to know what this box contains exactly

In fact i've seen the pages:


=> To implement Open Remote Boss on an ALIX board (cost is 190$)


=> To implement Open Remote Boss on Asus eee (cost is 200$)

I'd like to compare the Orb at 350$ with these 2 solutions

Thanks for your help

(I've already contacted but no answer for now)

The pre-built OpenRemote ORB is neither of the reference implementations. The exact hardware configuration has not been decided yet. It is likely to be something ARM-based, possibly with Z-wave transceiver built-in.

Posted by juha at Mar 16, 2010 16:32


I also think ARM is the good way...

And this OpenRemote ORB will be published on some kind of open hardware, with an open reference implementation ? like arduino ?

Posted by dj at Mar 16, 2010 16:53
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