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I installed OpenRemote-2.0. to control heating, lighting and extinguishing lamps, and up and down the shutters.
I use mochad and development for temperature sensors based on a server ARexx.
I used two types of machines to install the server in ubuntu
I started on a machine with a processor X686, where it works well.
and now Machine Hercules ECAFE with Processor ARM A8 CortexTM , diskless, with low power consumption.
I use it with android 4.0 phone
With ECAFE, the charging time is too long, and Android shows me
"Current controller Is not available"
After it works very well with all pannels that has already in memory.
I installed a proxy to trace the exchanges to open the remote server.

GET / controller / rest / panel / HTTP/1.1 Telephone

receipt of the response to the proxy after 13 seconds:
<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<OpenRemote xmlns = "" xmlns: xsi = "" xmlns: schemaLocation = " / panel.xsd ">
     <screen id="19" name="Acceuil">
       <Grid left="36" top="399" width="250" height="50" rows="1" cols="5">
         <cell x="4" y="0" rowspan="1" colspan="1">
           <button id="776" name="">
             <default> ....... etc ...

The android does not seem to wait 5 seconds

Can you confirm the track, and possibly tell me where to find the sources for android so that I can continue my research?

Thank you in advance

Richard has a new Android 2.1 Beta branch: /workspace/richturner/tag/Android_Console_2_1_0_Beta/.

I think he may have increased the timeout in that version.

You will also want to follow and participate on the forum thread New Android Console 2.1.0 Beta!

Posted by juha at Apr 02, 2013 18:54

Thank you very much, I will immediately on this forum is certainly participate in trials.

Posted by zdid at Apr 04, 2013 00:40
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