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Just some information, not a question.
It took me some time to find the right information to install Open Remote on my Synology DS413j. I didn't have enough time to test it thoroughly yet, but it seems to work. I'd like to share this for others who are looking for this information.

Eventually i found most of the solution on this post:

In short:

1) Downloading Java. Open the link, review and accept the License Agreement, and download "ejdk-8u33-fcs-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz"
2) Create a public folder 'shared' if there is non.
3) Copy "ejdk-8u33-fcs-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz" to the shared folder
4) Adding the repository URL: From the DSM main menu, open the Package Center and click on Settings to open the settings dialog. In the settings dialog, go to the Package Sources tab and click on Add. In the Add dialog, copy and paste the repository URL to the 'Location:' text field and click OK two times to apply the repository URL. To check whether adding the repository URL has been successful, go to the Community tab of the Package Center and look for the package 'Java SE for Embedded 8'.
5) Installing Java. Now install Java from the Community tab in the Package Center.
6) Now install Open Remote, also from the Community tab of the package center.

Good Luck!

Erwin van Maasakkers


I'm trying to get OpenRemote installed. I've tried a few options:

  • all you steps above. When I try them both the Java Install and OpenRemote simply tells me the package install has failed.
  • Installing java using the java manager (this lets me install Java 7, not Java 8). That succeeds. But when I try and install OpenRemote, it gives me the same fail message.

If I look in the messages, then I see: "Codesign.php: Signature file not found in archive."

I've got a DS214+ - with DSM 5.1.5033 (Update 3) installed. I think this uses a different ARM architecture, which I suspect is the problem. I've posted a similar note to the page.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by geoff332 at Mar 03, 2015 22:10

It runs on my ds212+ with this java:

Posted by pz1 at Mar 04, 2015 09:29
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