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i would like to know if there is a beta version specifically for testing on the ipad, i have openremote 2.0  working (thanks juha) on ipod touch ,iphone and the ipad, but it doesnt support the ipads resolution properly.

i would also like to point out that after learning about openremote i was really impressed with the  concept, and after two weeks, i  managed to get openremote 1.0 working (only http protocol at the moment) on a pic ethernet microcontroller then yesterday after an hours work, i managed to get openremote 1.0 and 2.0 working  simultaneously on the same pic microcontroller, which in my opinion is much better than a pc or linux based system, due to the costs and power requirements.

i will be putting up all the details about this on this forum and blog soon.

nanoprobe aka xtermin8r

taking openremote to the next level.

nice! do tell us about the pic microcontroller... price and all

Posted by marcf at Sep 11, 2010 20:29

I'll try to get to that in the coming week (although a lot of stuff on the plate at the moment) – and will check the Android market place first.

Posted by admin at Sep 12, 2010 10:05

Java on a PIC... that's very interesting. I would like to learn more how you manage to do that. Is it reliable and is it powerful enough? I've tried to run OR on an ARM micro computer, but I had troubles with the Java VM and other stuff.

So, by now the smaller device I have managed to run OR is an Atom based miniITX PC

Posted by mishoboss at Sep 12, 2010 21:44

iPad (with full resolution support) is ready for beta testing – I will need the device UID again for the iPad, you can send it to juha at openremote org

Posted by admin at Sep 24, 2010 13:09
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