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I tagged OpenRemote Boss 1.0.0 platform release in the subversion today. While the tag is mostly useful to developers or people who can build software from its source at the moment, binaries will follow this coming week for others.

The platform tag contains a tested combination of OpenRemote Controller, iPhone Console and Online Tools. For the eager, the web archive binary of the controller is already available in SourceForge. For non-developers, using the web archive means you are already comfortable with installing Java Runtime and Tomcat server. Less demanding binary packages will appear in the next week or two.

The currently supported panel is iPhone that you can download from the App Store. Search for "OpenRemote". Supported protocols are Infrared, KNX, X10, TCP/IP, HTTP and Telnet. Basic on/off functionality is offered on these protocols in the 1.0 release. See the other threads in this forum for details on the additional functionality around state updates, dim, etc. that we are working on. If you have additional specific wishes for features around these existing protocols, let us know here on the forums.

Will be adding more material around Boss 1.0 this month with installation instructions, wiki and tutorials. For Boss 2.0 we are targeting to be code complete (developer release) by end of year and then productize and release during Q1/2010.

Next week will be hanging around in Paris and checking out BATIMAT.

Updated the Sourceforge files with a binary that includes the full Tomcat runtime. That means you still need to install Java runtime yourself (if you haven't already) but after that you can unzip the OpenRemote Boss zip and execute the script from /bin.

Still tracking down an issue though where the WEB-INF/web.xml gets deleted on Tomcat shutdown, basically making the deployment unusable after restart (seems to only occur when the web interface is used to upload the controller files – manually copying the contents of modeler's zip file into webapps/controller does not seem to suffer from this issue).

Once I get the above fixed can move on to finishing the installation instructions and documentation.

Posted by juha at Nov 11, 2009 00:43

Think I got the upload issue nailed and have tagged OpenRemote Boss 1.0.1 with a fix, and uploaded an updated binary to Sourceforge. Get it here:

Now on to those installation instructions...

Posted by juha at Nov 13, 2009 01:24
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