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what about having the designer respectively the controller listed in ets as a device (.vd*), in wich as many objects/modules as needed for switching, dimming, scenes, blinds, logics, timers, locks etc. (linkable to other protocols commands, so that an ir command could be kicked off(/on) by a wall sensor. in other words: any knx device can control all openremote supports (and vice versa)) can be created, each having its own flags, directly linkable to any groups like with any other sensor/actor, out of witch the config generation can be launched and saved, or even automatically uploaded to the controller itself?

i would find that much more elegant and convenient than the online way.

what disturbs me most:

  • group adresses must now be maintained in two places. (i know of a touchpanel, allthough beeing physically on the knx bus and configurable in ets, it's parametrized using usb stick or ftp upload)
  • no standard templates/arrangements for objects or groups of them (display with buttons as one object); dealing with every single pixel and exact button etc. placements isn't for everybody. and the table/grid function is quite limited.
  • online designer performance.
  • online designer beeing a webserver, having mysql and other dependancies.
  • the wasting of system resources using java (and xml).

otherwise i'm quite impressed and happy with the connection quality between panel and controller, even when connecting from outside the internet (all sensor states are reaching the panel), the ability to password protect the controller, the fact that the controller distributes the configurations to the panels and beeing a visualizer (webconsole) itself.

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