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OpenRemote Forums

User Forum

User questions and support questions are answered here by OpenRemote community members. As is the normal case with Open Source communities, people offer their help, tips and hints free of charge on their on volition, so be courteous, polite and patient. That is the best way of getting your questions answered. Rude, demanding people are quickly ignored.

Design Forum

Developer discussions related to feature implementation, design, bug resolution, technical topics. This forum is for the contributors, the hard core of the community. Be respectful of your peers, meritocracy rules.

Water Cooler Forum

Feel like sharing the latest industry news or rumour? Have a juicy piece of gossip, or latest product release news? Water Cooler is free form and everyone is welcomed here.

Website and Infrastructure Forum

Have an issue with the website, or with some of the other software we are hosting? Let us know here. Broken links, crashed servers, systems unavailable, spam attacks, etc. can be reported here.

For system issues, you can also email us at

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