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Possibly future user here _o/
I've been testing to control lights in my KNX house with OR lite app on iOS (old 3GS iPhone) and got it somewhat working. So it's promissing and I'm thinkin of buying full app.
Meanwhile sometimes lights in lite app control screen are not in sync with real life (if wall switches are used or app restarted)

1) So I was thinking is it possible to configure different group address for light status in Lite app? I watched video tutorial about OR 2.0, and there it's possible, but how it's done in Lite version?

2) dimming lights (in my house) is controlled with long press of wall switch. I tested sliders, but that didn't work. This sends direct value for group address linked to light? So is it possible to somehow simulate long press from OR lite, or how the slider should be configured?
Or is this issue with parameters of dimmer controller box? I don't have ETS license or knowledge to configure that.


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