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I have a RASPBMC set up with UPnP option set acting as a media server and using an android app (Skifta) to cue up movies & films. Ideally I would like to click a 'watch movies' button on OpenRemote so that it:-

option1) switches the TV source and then open the app to choose a movie.
option2) provides a list of movies from the media server / NAS drive and calls the media player with relevant path
option3) perhaps there is a better method?

any thoughts?

option4) I reckon its possible to build a OpenRemote Media Player - Ideal scenario would be a simple Media Player that:-
a) lists media files from a pre-defined local source IE \MyNASDrive\Movies*.*
b) generate simple HTML for embedded player
c) provide play/pause button that will remotely control the media player

so the challenges are:-
a) generate a file list
b) generate an html file; heres a good template
c) call the html file remotely on playback device
d) control the playback remotely on playback device

perhaps I'm losing sight of OpenRemote's purpose?

any thoughts welcome

Search the forum, there has been a similar post recently (1-2 weeks at most)

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